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Signed at Source™ microcontroller

IoT Data Integrity
from its origin

Make your data official and admissible with tamper-proof, hardware-accelerated cryptography

  • Factom® blockchain signing (additional blockchain support is possible)
  • Streamr support and full stack .NET Microcontrollers
  • Monotonic counter, True Random Number Generator, Unique Digital Identity, DID
  • SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512, AES128, AES192, AES256, RSA-1024 to RSA-4096, ECDSA, EC-KCDSA, Ed25519

We can provide retro-fit, to complete end-to-end public or private blockchain solutions.

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Never Doubt the Integrity of Your Data Again. Seriously, Never.

Tamper-Proof Data

Tamper-Proof Data

Hacking and spoofing attempts are rendered ineffective by cryptographically signing data within the device itself. Any doubts about data veracity during or after transport are removed as integrity is maintained from its source.

Immutable Data

Immutable Data

IOT-SAS leverages blockchain technology to store either a hash or the raw data itself.

A key property of this technology is immutability or unchangeability, allowing absolute and irrefutable proofs about the data to exist.

Third-Party Auditable

Third-Party Auditable

Blockchain allows for a shared and completely trusted record of data.

This can be achieved through a public blockchain or a permissioned, private architecture.

How it Works

Our Technology

Powerful Without the
Power Drain

Secure your data, as close as physically possible to its source, using our IOT-SAS cryptographic signing micro-controller. Accelerated cryptography, yet low power consumption, in a package that suits you.

1. Small SMD package

Small SMD package integrates into your own micro electronics

2. A powerful .NET micro-controller

A powerful .NET micro-controller, fully supported by us

3. Raspberry Pi & Arduino

Raspberry Pi & Arduino adapters

Powerful Without the Power Drain

Use Cases

We are Entering a Crucial Time for IOT Data Integrity

Deep-fake videos

Quote From The Washington Post

"Speaking of 'deepfakes,' or media manipulated through artificial intelligence, the actress Scarlett Johansson told The Post that 'the Internet is a vast wormhole of darkness that eats itself.

Ms. Johansson’s comments appeared in a report in The Post about how individuals’ faces, and celebrities’ faces in particular, are grafted onto pornographic videos and passed around the Web — sometimes to blackmail, sometimes just to humiliate. But deepfakes could also have applications in information warfare. A foreign adversary hoping to influence an election could plant a doctored clip of a politician committing a gaffe. Convincingly edited video could confuse military officers in the field. The ensuing uncertainty could also be exploited to undermine journalistic credibility; tomorrow’s deepfake may be today’s 'fake news.'"

Signed at Source™ Potential Benefits

  • Irrefutable proof of author/originator of content
  • Irrefutable proof of time/date the content was created
  • Irrefutable proof of location where content was created

In The News

  • In May, a fake video appeared on the internet of Donald Trump offering advice to the people of Belgium on the issue of climate change. "As you know, I had the balls to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement," he said, looking directly into the camera, "and so should you." - The Guardian
  • Rapid advances in deep-learning algorithms mean deep fakes are getting increasingly sophisticated and harder to detect - The Guardian
  • Several celebrities have been depicted in x-rated content without consent
  • Implicated public figures making absurd or misleading statements
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Use Cases

We are Entering a Crucial Time for IOT Data Integrity


Quote From Sky News

"A drone came within 20 metres (65ft) of hitting a jumbo jet as it flew into Heathrow Airport, it has been revealed.

Details of 18 near misses between the devices and aircraft in Britain's skies have emerged following major disruption at Heathrow and Gatwick in recent weeks.

In one incident on 22 July, the pilot of an Airbus A380 spotted a 'large commercial drone' pass along the right side of the aircraft at 3,400ft (1,036m).

The device - which came 'within approximately 20m' of the plane - was being flown in a way which was 'endangering other aircraft' and involved the highest risk of collision, the UK Airprox Board (UKAB) said."

Signed at Source™ Potential Benefits

  • Live monitoring of drone data, including real-time locations to map positions as well ability to map historical flight paths
  • Unique digital identities so drones can be easily identified and linked to a registration, commercial operator license or company
  • Secure and immutable data
  • Ability for third-party audits by use of a public or permitted private blockchain

In The News

  • Drone near-misses triple in two years in the UK - The Telegraph
  • Reports of unmanned aircraft (UAS) sightings from pilots, citizens and law enforcement have increased dramatically over the past two years. The FAA now receives more than 100 such reports each month - FAA
  • Globally there were more than 3 million drones sold in 2017 - Time
  • 82.1b projected annual revenue from the global commercial drone market by 2025 - The Economic Report
  • FAA forecasts consumer level drones to increase to 2.4m and commercial drones to increase to 450k by 2022 in North America - FAA
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Use Cases

We are Entering a Crucial Time for IOT Data Integrity

IoT Data Integrity

Quote From Bodil Josefsson, Ericsson's Head of IoT Security

"Another area drawing customer concerns is data integrity. Data is the life blood of IoT operations and it’s critical its integrity is robust. All parties involved must ensure their data has not been manipulated or tampered with while at-rest, in-transit or in-use.

Privacy and confidentiality is another area related to data integrity. Personal data, as well as any generated by an IoT device must be protected, regardless whether it is in-transit or at-rest. Organizations should encrypt their data to ensure it arrives unaltered, where it’s needed."

Signed at Source™ Potential Benefits

  • Data integrity secured at the source
  • Data integrity reconcilable to source in transportation
  • Integrable on existing devices or sensors

In The News

  • Over 75.4B IoT devices installed worldwide by 2025 - Statista
  • IoT could have an annual economic impact of $3.9T to $11.1T by 2025 - McKinsey & Company
  • IoT security market expected to hit $9.88 billion by 2025 - Grand View Research
  • 80% of consumers do not trust the Internet-connected devices they currently own to protect either their data or their privacy - BlackBerry
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Our team

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Dennis Bunfield

Dennis has over 25 years of professional experience in software development for high performance real-time hardware-in-the-loop simulations. His expertise includes vast knowledge of embedded systems and cryptography. Recently Dennis has added Factoid & Entry Credit support for the Ledger Nano S and upgraded firmware to handle Factom Identities.

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Stuart Johnson

Stuart has 30 years of professional experience in electronics, telecommunications and software development. He founded Logic Ethos in 2009 to develop GPS tracking solutions for the UK’s vehicle breakdown industry. Logic Ethos now operates hardware connecting hundreds of sites and thousands of vehicles/smartphones across the UK and South Africa.

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Benjamin Dufty

Ben has several years of experience in business analytics. His expertise is in financial modelling as well as developing business intelligence tools for large corporations. Having worked alongside various stakeholders, from developers to CEOs, he offers a range of skills in business development & strategy.

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